Cheatsheet: ECO grant guide for Homeowners


Picture this. “Paul” an ECO4 installer has made it to the end of the first year of ECO4. He is drowning in admin with no time to separate the good leads from the bad. He has missed opportunities and has been saying the same things over and over again.

Don’t be like Paul. Take action now and make it easy for potential customers to understand if they are eligible for ECO4 grants.

Use our cheatsheet for homeowners and explain the rules well the first time. You can share it over your social channels and send to potential customers near and far.

We have written the content and will be tailor the cheatsheet to your brand so your customers and you can sleep easy knowing that you are helping people to access much needed grants which also generating better quality (and more) leads for your business.

This cheatsheet includes:

  • 1 Cheatsheet that explains grant options for homeowners
  • Branded to your colours and with your logo
  • 1 x A 4 page cheatsheet
  • Bonus cover page included
  • Downloadable files include web optimised jpg, pdf and png and a print-ready pdf version.

Now is the ideal time to get your process in place so you can identify the best quality leads for your business and focus on converting leads that are viable.